This article was published on August 24, 2010

The Last Batch Of Digg Invites: Come One, Come All

The Last Batch Of Digg Invites: Come One, Come All

Update! Digg pointed out to us that you can sign up using TNW’s invite pool using this link:, saving me the wonderful task of handling you all one by one. I do love to say hi, but this is faster. Head here and get going! [note – if you have a problem, just email me]

It is almost all over! Well, the new Digg beta that is. As you should well know by now the new Digg is just around the corner. To celebrate that fact Digg has graced us with another (3rd? 4th?) pile of invites to give to you all, the loyal readers.

We have more this time, but if the past is any indication these are going to move quickly. How to get one? Send your friendly neighborhood tech blogger an email (that’s me!) at [email protected] and I will personally set you up. Service with a smile, what more could you want?

I really doubt that it is humanly possible, but if you still don’t know what the new Digg is all about, be sure and read our past coverage on the topic. The new Digg is going to be rather important, and so the sooner you get the larger your chance of being ahead of the pack.

Thanks to Digg for being so generous with the invites, everyone at TNW says thanks.