The Dragon X5 offers the gaming control smartphone players never get. Right now, it’s under $35

TLDR: The Dragon X5 Bluetooth Gaming Controller connects easily to most smartphones and tablets, while immediately elevating your gameplay.

Mobile gaming is a heck of a lot bigger than Minesweeper and Candy Crush. Last year, games for your phone and other mobile devices brought in revenues totalling over $77 billion. Mobile games even make up about a quarter of all app downloads for both Android and iOS devices.

Unfortunately, for all their escalating power and amazing graphics, the size of the phone itself isn’t really getting much bigger. That means those itty-bitty little buttons for actually controlling your gameplay are difficult, if not downright impossible to use with any real precision.

For mobile gaming fans as well as those who just want more control than guesswork when they play, the Dragon X5 Bluetooth Gaming Controller ($34.99 after code BFSAVE40 from TNW Deals) is a perfect fallback choice.

Crafted in the classic PlayStation controller design, the Dragon X5 is ready to turn mobile gaming into an extension of regular console gaming. Most smartphone models will slip easily into the controller’s firm grip, then sync quickly via Bluetooth.

The controller offers a level of real control you can never get through the tiny interface of a phone or even a tablet, including features like turbo acceleration that truly opens up your game playing.

While it works wonders with those small handheld devices, the Dragon X5 is even more versatile than that, capable of also connecting to smart TVs, set-top boxes, PCs, or even directly to a PlayStation game console to offer that expert control whenever you play.

And unlike loads of wireless controllers, the Dragon X5 has some impressive battery specs, able to keep a gamer playing for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

With a retail price of $56, the Dragon X5 Bluetooth Gaming Controller is not only on sale, but as a TNW Deals’ Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster item, you can save even more money during this limited time sprint. That lowers the final price down to only $34.99 while the deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change

Published November 24, 2021 - 2:00 pm UTC

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