This article was published on April 4, 2011

Twitter now suggests who to follow based on topics

Twitter now suggests who to follow based on topics

Twitter just announced a simpler way to find and follow Twitter accounts based on your interests.

When you search for a topic, you can now discover accounts that are relevant to that particular subject.

Previously, you would have seen accounts that have the specific term in their name or username. The new advancement goes beyond the profile and matches based on the topics that a user continually tweets about. To get started, click on the “people” section of the search results page or search from the “Who to follow” page.

Twitter’s new approach helps you find the similar users that are closer to your true interests. Here is how it works: if you’re obsessed with the TV Show Fringe, it is pretty safe to say that you follow the actors and the “Save Fringe” campaign. That is a pretty fundamental difference, considering previously it took into account what was listed in your profile.

If you are looking for other IT guys fascinated with cricket (yes, you know who you are), a fan of the Justin Beiber or even someone who likes to boast about your lastest Xbox Live conquest, you’ll be able to find and follow the accounts that you actually care about.

Also of importance, now when you search on, you’ll see a tip from Twitter. This tip points you to a set of “search operators” and its advanced search page, which help you find what you’re looking for with greater ease and speed than you could before.