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This article was published on August 7, 2020

Streamline your social media presence with HelloWoofy’s AI-powered platform

Streamline your social media presence with HelloWoofy’s AI-powered platform
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TLDR: HelloWoofy uses artificial intelligence to take control of your social media posting, creating great content, expanding your interaction…while costing you a lot less time.

Almost three out of four marketers believe social media marketing has been effective in pushing their business forward. It’s where you can find 90 percent of millennials, almost 80 percent of Gen X and even nearly half of all Baby Boomers. So when you post content to the web from your business, something you should be doing up to three times a day or more, that content needs to be focused, impactful and meaningful to the overall story you’re telling about your business.

Obviously, doing all that right is a tall order — and unless you hire a dedicated employee for that task or you’re willing to sink a big portion of your workday into that pursuit yourself, it can be a major lost opportunity.

However, a year subscription to a service like HelloWoofy Social Media Management ($49, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) can go a long way to taking those time-consuming tasks off your plate — and doing a fine job of it.

HelloWoofy unleashes the power of artificial intelligence to basically create a stream of smart, automated content that you can start feeding directly into your social media channels. Woofy teaches you how what, and when to post through powerful technology driven by AI, using all the best practices available to give you the best chance of reaching and connecting with your optimal audience.

Woofy scours the web, bringing users fresh content from the top publications all in one place. Woofy can turn those items into social media or blog content with a click, finding the best hashtags, including a copyright-free image and more, then post or schedule your content when you want. 

Woofy recognizes patterns, allowing you to set up recurring long term campaigns with ease on schedules optimized by AI to eliminate wasted time and effort. The platform also features full analytics, so you’ll always know how each post is doing so you can spot trends that work and ones that don’t.

It even schedules text, audio, and video-based content to Amazon Alexa devices.

You can get a full year of HelloWoofy account with all the features for only $49, a savings of over 90 percent. Also get a 2-year plan for $78 or a 3-year plan for $87.

Prices are subject to change.