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This article was published on April 30, 2018

Stop forgetting passwords and tighten your security all at once with Dashlane at 50% off

Stop forgetting passwords and tighten your security all at once with Dashlane at 50% off
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Think about all the passwords you use regularly. The ones you’re using on all your various operating systems, devices, apps, and website accounts. If you’re like most of us operating in this hyper-connected, e-commerce-driven world, you probably came up with a list of at least a couple dozen passwords without breaking a sweat.

Unless you’re heavily recycling the same passwords (which we all know you are…because we are, too!), there’s no earthly way to keep them all straight, while still being difficult enough to provide adequate online security.

Dashlane Password Manager is a way to ditch that ongoing headache and still maintain ultimate security for all your digital info. Right now, you can sign up for one of Dashlane’s premium subscriptions at half off, as low as $17.99 from TNW Deals with coupon code: DASHLANE10.

Dashlane comes with the bonafides, including rave reviews from the New York Times, PC Mag and App of the Year honors from both Apple and Google. That’s because Dashlane is equal parts password convenience and top-flight security in one package.

Just log in to Dashlane and create a profile. Dashlane does the rest, creating strong encrypted passwords to use on all of your online accounts, then saving them to your library. Once you’re set, you can log into all your accounts with a single click while maintaining military-grade encryption to fully protect all your digital data.

Dashlane automatically syncs across all devices and browsers, and provides sophisticated autofill to automate your most mundane login and account business. You can also share passwords easily with Dashlane as well as set up emergency contacts to pass along passwords to others in the event of an accident.

A year of Dashlane premium coverage usually costs $40, but with this offer, you can get 12 months for just $17.99 with the use of coupon code: DASHLANE10. If you want to max out your protection, you can also grab 3-year ($53.95) or 5-year ($89.91) plan options — also at 50 percent off — while this deal lasts.