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This article was published on June 1, 2011

SoundCloud’s mobile apps now let you publish audio to your Tumblr

SoundCloud’s mobile apps now let you publish audio to your Tumblr

When two great things come together, it’s rarely anything but cool. The news that we’ve just gotten from Tumblr and SoundCloud is exactly one of these situations.

As of today’s update to the SoundCloud mobile apps for iOS and Android, you’ll now be able to post recordings directly to your Tumblr. But that’s not all. The integration actually goes pretty deep:

  • Auto-publish new sounds and favorites – in your advanced SoundCloud settings, you can now choose to automatically push your new uploads and favorites to your Tumblr blog.
  • Search SoundCloud on Tumblr – when creating an audio post, you can now search, preview and post audio from SoundCloud on Tumblr.
  • Easy sharing – Found something on SoundCloud you like? Grab the url and post it as an external source on Tumblr Audio posts.

There are some more details in the Tumblr of Alexander Ljung, CEO of SoundCloud. We’ll be giving the apps a run and let you know our thoughts. In the mean time, make sure to stop by TNW’s Tumblr, as well as our SoundCloud to keep up on the stuff that we don’t always publish to the site itself.