This article was published on September 29, 2020

Should you learn Google Cloud over AWS or Azure? There’s a good reason to say yes

Should you learn Google Cloud over AWS or Azure? There’s a good reason to say yes
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TLDR: This Google Cloud training course package includes hours of video and mock exams to make you a Google Cloud expert.

In the rapidly expanding cloud services sector, Microsoft Azure occupies twice the market share of Google Cloud. And industry leader Amazon Web Services is twice the size of Azure. 

So considering its relative size, why should you take the plunge and learn how to oversee cloud operations in the Google Cloud environment? We can sum it up in two words: machine learning. As home to the powerful end-to-end open source TensorFlow platform, Google Cloud experts are uniquely suited to administering machine learning projects. And with those AI efforts across all industries showing explosive growth, smart cloud experts are seeing lots of opportunity for those with Google Cloud experience.

You can head down that path with The Google Cloud Certification Practice Tests and Courses Bundle. Right now, the collection is available at over 90 percent off its regular price, just $29.99, from TNW Deals.

This training includes seven courses covering more than 43 hours of material, material that can help you pass a half-dozen prestigious Google Cloud certification exams. Armed with those certifications, you’ll be able to prove to any hiring manager that you’ve got the knowledge to step into a Google Cloud-facing role and succeed.

Each of these courses is backed with hours of video instruction as well as thousands of exam questions to help you make sure you understand the lessons and can implement them in a real world situation.

If you’re interested in building a Google Cloud network, the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect training lays out how to design, develop, and manage secure, robust, and dynamic solutions on the platform.

Meanwhile, engineers and developers are often the ones who put those plans into practice. From Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer to Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer to Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer, you’ll learn how to show your skills deploying apps, monitoring operations and troubleshooting solutions. 

Each of these courses come with expansive full-length mock exams with anywhere from 100 to 200 questions and a host of practice exams with even more unique questions. With all this prep, you’ll definitely be ready to take and ace Google’s own certification tests.

Students regularly pay over $600 for all this Google Cloud training, but right now, it’s all just $29.99.

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