This article was published on May 28, 2021

Score the entire 12min Micro Book Library for life for under $30 with this Memorial Day deal

Score the entire 12min Micro Book Library for life for under $30 with this Memorial Day deal
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: 12min Micro Book Library offers almost 2,000 micro book text and audio summaries of nonfiction bestsellers so your learning never ends. It’s also now at one of its lowest prices ever.

It’s always great when a bunch of discounts all come together and stack up with each other nicely, slashing the price on an already cool product down to what becomes a ridiculously low final total.

That’s happening right now for book lovers, who can now enjoy a lifetime subscription to the entire archive of works in the 12min Micro Book Library at one of its lowest prices ever this Memorial Day week at just $29, a savings of well over 90 percent off its retail price from TNW Deals.

12min is for those who feel like they never have time to read. But if they can somehow carve out 12 minutes in their busy day, the 12min team will distill a non-fiction best-seller to its absolute essence and bring listeners and readers all the important takeaways in one concise 12 minute summary. 

The 12min collection is already vast, including more than 1,800 microbooks in 24 different categories, ranging from personal development, career and business, and productivity and time management to science and technology, biographies, and sports. 

Works featured in the library include a whole bunch of those eternal “I’ve always meant to read that” books, including classics like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 4-Hour Workweek, 30 Ways to Reboot Your Body, and more.

Summaries are crafted in both text and audio versions and are fully downloadable so they can even be consumed offline. That means you can stack up a few interesting reads or listens for any time you’ve got a spare 12 minutes on your hands, like while driving, standing in line somewhere, or just during a quick break from work.

Users never have to worry about the library getting stale, with about 30 new books being added each month — and if you can’t find a summary for a particular book you want, members can  recommend it to the 12min team and they’ll add it to their collection just for you. 

This offer for new users only includes access to the entire 12min archive for life, a $399 value

A lifetime subscription to the 12min archive is usually almost $400, but in addition to its big regular TNW Deals discount as well as an additional price drop, you can also save an extra $10 off your price by ordering during the Memorial Day Sale. If you get your order in before June 2, it’s only $29 for a lifetime of great learning.

Prices are subject to change.

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