This article was published on August 2, 2010

Scitable: The social research network for science geeks.

Scitable: The social research network for science geeks.

Nucleic Acid Structure and Function, Population and Quantitative Genetics, Chromosomes and Cytogenetics. If these tickle your fancy, then Scitable is where you need to be.

The idea behind Scitable is a journal-quality, free science library. It’s peer-written and reviewed, and funded behind one of the largest science publishers in the world, Nature Publishing. But beyond the piles of information, there’s a social network of a few hundred thousand users.

For science learning, there’s probably no greater resource. You’re able to have virtual classrooms where you can collaborate on projects and you also have the ability to communicate within them via built-in instant messaging and forums.

Right now, e-learning is hot, and getting hotter. Scitable wants you to think of it as a collaborative version of Facebook, but with learning as the goal. However, once you feel you’re educated on a subject, you also have the ability to contribute and share your work for education and review by your peers.

Overall, it’s a great resource with a huge selection of topics. The greatest part, however, is that the list of topics is ever-growing. So dive in and get your smart on.