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This article was published on June 5, 2016

Master robotics and tech invention with these 3 great DIY offers

Master robotics and tech invention with these 3 great DIY offers Image by: Caracarafoto / Shutterstock
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

The advancements of modern tech have made computing and electronics a breeze, but there’s no substitute for the satisfaction of tackling a DIY project and bringing your imagination to life.

With these four great DIY offers on TNW Deals, you can take a leap into a wide world of creative projects and lifehacker opportunities.

Create a fun and useful interactive home environment, your own robot car and more – with the tools to tinker to your robotics-loving heart’s delight!

The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (55% off)

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the iconic microcomputer kit which has brought countless curious minds into mastery of the fundamentals of electronics and robotics.

With The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit you can build a strong foundation of know-how on this next-gen device, with a 7-course bundle to develop quick mastery.

The essential programs and possibilities of Raspberry Pi 3 will soon become second nature as you become familiar with this next generation microcomputer.

At the onset, you can just plug the Pi into a monitor or TV, attach a mouse and keyboard, and use it like a standard desktop computer.

But as you work through the included courses and become more proficient, you’ll be able to use Raspberry Pi for a wide range of projects from novel gadget operation to genuine life-hacker devices.

Get started with The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit today for just $119.99 from TNW Deals.

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The Complete Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle (87% off)

Build your own electronics and leap into the world of programming through 25+ hours of hands-on instruction, with no programming experience required.

The Complete Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle includes a microcontroller board and the components to build our own small robot tank or three-wheeled robot car.

A series of three guides helps you gain a familiarity with the included microcontroller board, which will allow you to control physical objects using sensors.

Master basic robotics skills and put them to use building remote-controlled cars, home alarm systems and more.

At 87  percent off from TNW Deals, you’ll save serious money while giving your tech skills a serious upgrade.

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iFixit 64-Bit Screwdriver Kit (30% off)

That old toolbox from Dad’s garage just doesn’t cut it anymore. Cellphones, game consoles, laptops and beyond all require specialized bits which, when bought individually, can break the bank in no time.

The iFixit 64-Bit Screwdriver Kit is your modern solution – each bit in this comprehensive kit has a purpose, curated from thousands of repair guides on products you likely use every day.

With the iFixit 64-Bit Screwdriver Kit, everything you need for gadget repair is at your fingertips.

Hidden screws are a headache no more with the 150mm flexible extension, and you can drive and release the toughest screws with the three-sided high-torque zone.

Take 30 percent off the iFixit 64-Bit Screwdriver Kit today on TNW Deals, for a final cost of $34.95 + free shipping to the Continental US.

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