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This article was published on July 26, 2016

Report: Upcoming Nintendo NX will be a handheld you can play on your TV

Report: Upcoming Nintendo NX will be a handheld you can play on your TV
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

After seeing a “leaked” version of the Nintendo NX controller — which looks an awful lot like a recent patent (below) — we already had inklings that the upcoming console could be a handheld. A report by Eurogamer — from “a number of sources” — seems to confirm that.

Nintendo NX patent

According to these sources, the NX will function as a high-powered handheld with detachable controllers and its own display. The controllers, in this case, would reside at the left and right of the screen and could be removed — although the “why” here proves elusive, but I’d imagine it’s for watching videos or using the (non-confirmed) touchscreen for certain apps and games.

When you get home, you can connect the handheld to your television through a base unit — or docking station — designed to give you the typical console experience.

Credit: Eurogamer

nintendo-nx-cartridgeAside from that, we’re relatively certain the system is going to use cartridges after initial rumors pointed at Nintendo making a system designed for digital downloads only. The new system, it seems, is going to rely on Gameboy-esque cartridges, which would seem to be about 32GB — small by today’s standards. Then again, Nintendo has never really sought to achieve graphical parity with competing systems.

Although not confirmed, digital downloads are still likely, if for nothing else than to supplement the cartridges with add-on and bonus content — both of which have become a real cash cow for game makers.

With the console set to drop March 2017, we should find out more in the coming weeks leading up to the Christmas season.

In the mean time, you can grab another highly-anticipated Nintendo product: the Nintendo Classic Mini when it drops November 11.