This article was published on July 28, 2016

Reddit moderators banned 2,200 accounts during Donald Trump’s AMA yesterday

Reddit moderators banned 2,200 accounts during Donald Trump’s AMA yesterday
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Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump took to Reddit yesterday to participate in an AMA (ask me anything) in the pro-Trump sub-reddit, r/The_Donald.

The AMA, for the most part, royally sucked. Trump answered a total of 12 rather weak questions and stuck to broad generalities rather than diving into specifics. Curious though — and far more interesting than the AMA itself — was the post-AMA thread where r/The_Donald subscribers accused Reddit administrators of censoring the Trump session by artificially inflating (upvoting), or deflating (downvoting) the vote counts, as well as shielding it from the front page — a move that would have brought the mostly-liberal Reddit en masse to take over the Q&A session.

In addition, we found out that mods banned more than 2,200 accounts during the event, a move the moderators bragged about afterward. Mods banned any account created within the past month, and any that asked questions they felt were hostile, although there were no clear-cut guidelines of what constituted a hostile question.

One Redditor asked why Trump refused to share his tax returns before promptly being banned.

In fairness, the chance that Trump answered a legitimate question probably wasn’t all that good to begin with. One of the 12 Trump managed to respond to was: “Are you getting tired of winning?”

Trump’s response?

“I am never tired of winning, and as your president I will win for you, the American people. I’m with you!”

He might as well have just responded to every question about Rampart.

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