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This article was published on February 14, 2010

Rayogram is the way Newspaper search should be.

Rayogram is the way Newspaper search should be.
Charles Knight
Story by

Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

IL_CTI may be showing my age here, but I still subscribe to a physical newspaper. I like nothing better than to walk past a line of newspaper boxes, scanning the top half or “above the fold” portion of the day’s news. For me it might be the Daily Progress (local), the Richmond Time Dispatch (regional), the Washington Post (National), the Wall Street Journal, and so forth. In just a few minutes I will know what’s been happening in the world since the evening before from a variety of perspectives.

The important thing to note is that composing the front page of a newspaper, especially that all important top story headline (PALIN WINS IN A LANDSLIDE! FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT!) is an almost lost art. The arrangement of the stories, the different font sizes, the picture in the middle that “says it all.” Since the dawn of time, news professionals have prided themselves on the ability to communicate the state of their part of the world in one giant glance…and then get you to buy the paper.

Well now you can have it all, and for free.

Rayogram is one long, continuous horizontal scroll of every major newspaper front page in the world delivered free of charge to your PC. Scan it from left to right, and in five minutes you will have a richer appreciation of what is happening in the world than 90% of your friends because it will have been painstakingly arranged for you to see the news in a very visceral, almost subliminal way. Blog style text is not the same as a skillfully edited newspaper front page, but it requires an appreciation of the work that goes into real, traditional, old-fashioned newspapers.

Finally, if you see a story that intrigues you, Rayogram lets you download a pdf of the front page that you can attach to an email, or you can just click into the online version of that newspaper and read not only that whole story, but the very latest updates to that story. In a word, Rayogram gives you the best of old media and new media, every morning, globally, and free. Please try it – Rayogram.

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