This article was published on January 8, 2017

PowerVision’s new robot is the fishing buddy of the future

PowerVision’s new robot is the fishing buddy of the future
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PowerVision might be best known for drones, but it’s new submersible robot ‘PowerRay’ is an undeniably cool new gadget for the relatively untouched hobby fishing market.

What is it?

PowerRay is a submersible capable of diving 30 meters (98 feet) underwater for up to four hours. While down there, it provides an underwater view using its built-in 4k UHD camera that transmits video back to your iOS or Android device via WiFi. From the app, you’ll have access to detailed information on fish distribution, water temperature, depth, underwater structure, and a first-person view of the action in case you manage to snag dinner. You can even record the ensuing struggle.

If that weren’t enough, you can connect to PowerVision’s VR headset to drive the machine by tilting your head and looking around all while getting an in-your-face view of what the robot sees.

Fishing not your thing? PowerRay’s 4k camera, 1080p streaming, and 12 megapixel stills can still provide an amazing underwater exploration or photography tool.

Why does it matter?

Hobby fishing is mostly untouched by the technology market. Using consumer-ready technology for the enjoyment of hobbyists has the potential to disrupt an activity as old as time itself.

When is it coming?

Pre-order’s start on February 27 but PowerVision is remaining tight-lipped on just how much it’ll cost. Word on the street is it’ll set you back around $3,000.

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