This article was published on January 25, 2017

Postmates promises to fuel your bender in under 25 minutes

Postmates promises to fuel your bender in under 25 minutes Image by: Stefano Cavoretto/Shutterstock
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After raising $140 million in funding and growing to over 2 million deliveries per month what’s next for on-demand courier Postmates? Getting you drunk, fast.

Startups like Drizly and Minibar already offer on-demand alcohol delivery, but Postmates wants to take it a step further. Rather than the “less than 60 minutes” guarantee of Minibar, Postmates is spinning the industry on its head — and making your head spin — by promising the same service in under 25 minutes.

Currently, Postmates offers delivery to over 100 cities nationwide and has agreements with more than 7,000 retailers and restaurants. The economy of scale plays, and the new 25 minute guarantee could spell the end of smaller competitors once Postmates can offer it to a wider service area.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, Postmates is only offering the 25 minute guarantee to users in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Can we just revel in the fact that in 2017 you can drown a tough day by buying booze much like you’d order a pizza?

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