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This article was published on May 26, 2016

    ‘Player Two’ is an animated short that shows what it’s like to be a younger sibling

    Bryan Clark
    Story by

    Bryan Clark

    Former Managing Editor, TNW

    Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

    ‘Player Two’ is a four-minute short film that looks like a fun animated adventure featuring an older and younger brother exploring life through video games, both physically and metaphorically. As the film delves on, you begin to see a bigger theme emerge — the second player is essentially being led through his existence by player one, something many with an older sibling can attest to.

    Be warned, this one will strike you right in the feels. But it’s a short watch and a perfect reason to call your sibling once it’s over and apologize for being a whiny little asshole when it came to having to play as Luigi.