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This article was published on September 5, 2016

Pizza Hut’s new ‘Blockbuster Box’ box is the perfect movie night companion

Pizza Hut’s new ‘Blockbuster Box’ box is the perfect movie night companion
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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In a moment that I’m imagining featured at least one stoned executive, Pizza Hut came up with a genius marketing gimmick idea for a dual-purpose pizza box that could keep your food warm (and in one piece) all while moonlighting as a smartphone-powered projector.

According to The Verge, each ‘Blockbuster Box’ even comes with a separate movie download via QR code. The four different boxes each have a code for a free movie, with can’t-miss titles such as: ‘Slice Night’ (horror), ‘Anchovy Armageddon’ (sci-fi), ‘Hot & Ready’ (romance) and ‘Fully Loaded’ (action).

If you grow tired of Pizza Hut’s cinematic masterpieces, you can always rely on Netflix.

The Blockbuster Box centers around the special table that comes inside most pizza boxes. The simple plastic table once ensured your pizza didn’t get crushed by a sagging center. Now, it does that and serves as a special lens for a smartphone-powered movie projector.

The quality is said to be rather poor, and it requires a really dark room in order to see much of anything, but it’s still a cool concept from a company that’s obviously thinking outside the (pizza) box.

For now, the Blockbuster Box is only available in Hong Kong. Cross your greasy fingers that it’s a success.

via Business Insider

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