This article was published on February 4, 2011

Piccsy: Stunning Image Bookmarking and Discovery [Invites]

Piccsy: Stunning Image Bookmarking and Discovery [Invites]
Fatema Yasmine
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Fatema Yasmine

Fatema is the founder of SmartGiggles and a technology writer living in San Francisco. You can find her on Twitter @FatemaYasmine. Fatema is the founder of SmartGiggles and a technology writer living in San Francisco. You can find her on Twitter @FatemaYasmine.

There are a number of good image bookmarking and sharing websites such as Weheatrit, Ffffound, Pichaus to name but a few. However there is a new kid in town called Piccsy, which is making a pretty good dive for the number one spot. It is still in private Beta but has a staggering 1.2 million visitors a month. Piccsy is founded by Canadian Daniel Eckler and is part of Startup Chile.

The site is visually breathtaking, simple to navigate and easy to understand. On arrival to the website you are greeted by the most popular images of the day. There are browsing options by category, tags and new-ness. If you want to create your own Scrapbook you are asked to register. After the quick registration process you can upload images, filling in as little or as much information about the image as you desire. Now what happens next is really cool, once the image is uploaded Piccsy  ‘reads your mind‘ and shows you images that are similar.

Users can then ‘heart’ (up-vote) images that they like or down-vote the ones that they dislike. There is a Facebook Like button near each image, which when pressed posts a little snippet of text on your Facebook wall. I would suggest that Piccsy change the snippet posted to Facebook into something more invasive, such as the actual image itself. It is easy to assume that people will want to share the images directly into Facebook if they Liked it, because when you discovery such an awesome image you want all of your friends to see it.

Piccsy also boasts a superior image search ability due to its tagging, and image popularity/ranking systems. I was not able to test this out because the site was over capacity. Nor was I able to download the Firefox extension which should make saving images to my Piccsy Scrapbook easier. As the site is still in beta, these glitches are to be expected. Please do hurry and fix these problems guys/gals because I think I just found my new favorite place to find and bookmark images.

If you would like to join the Piccsy community TNW has 100 beta invites. Fill in your details here. You can also follow @Piccsy to stay updated.

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