This article was published on September 14, 2016

Online retailers begin preparing for Apple Pay on the Web rollout next week

Online retailers begin preparing for Apple Pay on the Web rollout next week
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One of the biggest, but least talked about, additions to iOS 10 is support for Apple Pay on the Web. Now, using Apple’s payment service and authentication options like Touch ID, users can grab their mobile phone — rather than their wallet — to make payments anywhere that accepts Apple Pay.

The shift isn’t a small one. Apple and Android’s payment solutions will revolutionize the way we spend money. Much like the debit card virtually ousted cash, Apple Pay (or Android Pay) will eliminate the need to carry anything but your mobile device.

But, it all starts with online shopping — a major pain point for Apple Pay in the past. The lack of integration options slowed the platform’s growth and ultimately led to indifference. Sure, I can use it to buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s, but I do most of my shopping online, where Apple Pay has mostly left me in the dark.

Today, that all changes. Time Inc. announced Apple Pay support for magazine subscriptions from the likes of Sports Illustrated, People, Entertainment Weekly and Real Simple. Wayfair announced the option to pay for furniture and decor. Backend solutions such as Shopify and Stripe are set to support Apple Pay. Hell, even Apple is finally jumping on its own bandwagon by letting you buy your next iPhone or Macbook using the platform.

When macOS Sierra goes public next Tuesday, Apple Pay on the Web will release with it. Once that happens, anyone with Apple Pay on the iPhone can use their digital wallet for purchases online — assuming the retailer supports it.

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