This article was published on April 5, 2016

Now you can watch ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ with Sphero’s BB-8

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We’ve never been shy about our love for Sphero’s adorable smartphone-controlled BB-8. The adorable droid was one of Google’s most-searched toys this holiday season, one of our favorites from CES 2016 and a great tool to unleash the Jedi that resides in all of us.

Now, Sphero just upped the cool factor yet again by introducing a new feature in its updated app that allows you to watch ‘The Force Awakens’ with you BB-8.

After pairing your BB-8 with a smart device (Android or iOS) just select the “Watch With Me” feature from Sphero’s newly-updated app (available now) and keep your device turned on and within range of your droid. Plugging BB-8 and your smart device in while watching the film wouldn’t be a terrible idea, either — Star Wars movies aren’t exactly known for brevity.

Once paired, just start the film and sit back as you watch with your favorite droid. During specific sequences of the film, BB-8 will express excitement, sadness, anger and other robot emotions in a series of buzzes and whirs while enjoying the latest iteration of the classic series.

It’s definitely something worth experiencing if you have both Sphero’s BB-8 and a copy of the film.

If you don’t, BB-8 is available on Sphero’s website and you can download ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ from Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

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