This article was published on November 30, 2015

Google data reveals the hottest gift ideas of the 2015 holiday season

Google data reveals the hottest gift ideas of the 2015 holiday season
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Since it’s Cyber Monday and all, Google decided to ease the pain that is gift-giving by providing us with a bit of a roadmap in the form of search data.

Specifically, the most searched gift ideas for this holiday season.


Here’s what we’ve learned.

In the toy category, what’s good for kids would also make really good gifts for myself and my colleagues at TNW. Please don’t send us Shopkins.

Drones are hot, and even tougher registration requirements doesn’t seem to be making a dent in their popularity.

Star Wars is, well, Star Wars.

Hoverboards aren’t quite what we had in mind as kids, but the two-wheeled, electronic scooters came out of nowhere to sort of steal the show in 2015.


Adult onesies are the new ugly Christmas sweater.

Also, good news if you’re a hoarder. All that stuff you’ve been keeping in your closet is cool again. Throw on the Bomber jacket, the Levi’s Jeans and your Adidas Superstar kicks and hit the town like the fashionista you were born to be.


Electronics are pretty much what’d you’d expect. I’m rather surprised that Fallout 4 isn’t on the list, but smart devices and video games typically dominate this list.

What’s surprising, and keeping with the theory that all that’s old is new again is the instant camera. In fact, our own Amanda Connolly recommended this one in our “Ideal Gifts” series.

From hoverboards to adult onesies: the gifts we’re searching for this holiday [Official Google Blog]

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