This article was published on June 22, 2020

Notebag is for note takers who need a notation process as fast as they are

Notebag is for note takers who need a notation process as fast as they are
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TLDR: Notebag is a note taking app that does everything right from your keyboard, streamlining your entire workflow without getting sidetracked by notations.

For as long as students have sat in classrooms or scholars have scoured relevant texts, note taking has been a human art form.

Of course, the process of determining what’s worthy of being jotted down and what can go by unregistered is an art in itself. It’s also why the highly idiosyncratic best methods of note taking still remain such a mystery to many, not to mention so time-consuming.

It possibly because they’ve never had the right tool to integrate notes into their work, especially in the digital age. Notebag was created specifically for use with computers and modern means of information gathering to make note taking a process that doesn’t interrupt your workflow. 

Right now, you can pick up the Notebag app for just $12.99, an almost 25 percent savings off the regular price from TNW Deals.

Earlier this year, creator Richard Blechinger decided he didn’t like all the note taking apps that slowed down his work process, so he created Notebag to make sure all operations could run through the keyboard. With Notebag, users can search for information, link notes, categorize, get instant previews, and more with global keyboard shortcuts, all without ever touching a mouse.

With Notebag, your focus stays in your document. The app allows you to do markdown with instant preview, not an added preview pane. You just type and your notes are immediately formatted. If you made a note, but then can’t remember more than a couple words, no problem — Notebag can pull it up with just a word or two.

There’s also an omnibar, so you can quickly go to notes and run common commands to take you virtually anywhere. Notebag guarantees you’ve never moved around in a note app this fast before.

Whether you like to take notes in a certain style or font, even in a list format, Notebag works with what works for the user.

Regularly priced at $16.99, you can save $4 by picking up Notebag now for only $12.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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