This article was published on May 17, 2010

Newly launched Kurrently offers blazing fast Twitter & Facebook search

Newly launched Kurrently offers blazing fast Twitter & Facebook search

Kurrently, a new search engine that combines Twitter and Facebook status updates into one blazing fast stream, launched recently, and from what we can see, it might just put its competitors to shame if it can scale.

Developed in three weeks by Gilbert Leung (who according to Jay Baer apparently is now interning at Microsoft), the self-refreshing combined search results have three speeds – slow, fast and halt. We tried a variety of searches and all of them returned relevant results (see screenshot below). One of the most interesting things about the Facebook integration is how robust it is in bringing in links that are shared on the social network, including associated thumbnails.

We’ll say it flat out – with a caveat of it not having been tested against server strain – Kurrently’s dead-simple search engine is right now the best we’ve seen for real-time keyword search on Facebook and Twitter. Kurrently beats Twitter search (of course there is no Facebook integration there), Google / Bing’s integration of social search or Topsy when it comes to aggregating in real-time. That said, for historical searches, Topsy is still the best option to us.

Oh, and we love the name as well (and can’t wait for a Kurrently-Klout partnership)! Here’s some results for “iPhone”:

h/t Sage Brennan

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