This article was published on June 30, 2012

New jobs to make you jealous: Eytan Oren, Senior Lab Associate at IPG Media Lab

New jobs to make you jealous: Eytan Oren, Senior Lab Associate at IPG Media Lab
DJ Saul
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DJ Saul

DJ is the CMO of iStrategyLabs, focusing on new venture creation Grandstand while also developing the various community focused programs th DJ is the CMO of iStrategyLabs, focusing on new venture creation Grandstand while also developing the various community focused programs that iStrategyLabs champions. DJ is a co-organizer for the DC Tech Meetup, the founder of Colonial Entrepreneurs, and is a DC Ambassador for Sandbox, a group of 600+ inspirational leaders from 45 countries, all under the age of 30.

As the creative economy continues to evolve & expand, a bevy of new job opportunities have burst onto the scene — many placing young talent in roles that use technology, products, and even words that didn’t exist 5 years ago.

I caught up with Eytan Oren of the IPG Media Lab in the first installment of my quest to find the most jealousy-inducing jobs of a brave new economy.  Enjoy!

Q:  So, Eytan, what exactly is your job?

My title is Sr. Lab Associate at the IPG Media Lab and day-to-day I manage our partner relationships.  I look for great tech companies in the marketing and consumer behavior space and I help connect them to our ad agencies and major brand clients. I also recently started co-producing/hosting an ad tech web show we’re calling “The Trigger.”

Q:  Tell us a bit about the IPG Media Lab?

IPG is a major ad agency holding company and the Lab is its innovation hub. We like to tell people it’s where “marketers and our agencies go to learn about their future.” There’s a physical space where we display tech innovations with areas devoted to NFC, Mobile, Retail, Observing Engagement, Internet of Things, and more.  Senior leadership from major brands will visit the Lab with their agency team and we develop specific tech-forward solutions for them to consider for upcoming campaigns.

Q:  What makes your job cool? 

The Lab is an amazing place — I meet brilliant people creating innovative ideas and help bring those innovations to a larger audience.  As a creative person, I’m constantly inspired by the great ideas I see here.  It’s also rewarding to champion companies you believe in that can give clients a competitive edge.

Q:  What’s a typical day entail?

It’s a combination of looking for new companies and working with existing partners to create installations or customize experiences for brands visiting the space.  I also work on two ongoing large projects — the first is a Big Data solution called The CMO Desk of The Future.  The second is an ad tech web show we’re producing called “The Trigger” that includes news, guest interviews, and a fun NFC game we created.

Q:  What’s the most exciting thing you’ve seen so far this year?

It’s hard to pick a favorite but most recently we’ve been talking to a company called Fulton Innovations that combines wireless power with electronic inks.  They work with partners to create packaging or even magazines covers that can light up at shelf and animate electronically without being plugged in.  I’m a big fan of the Social Cooler your team at iStrategyLabs built — it allows people to check-in to a cooler on Foursquare that unlocks and pops open to give you a prize once a certain number of check-ins is reached.

Q:  If you were going to launch a startup tomorrow, what problem would it aim to solve?

My friend Andy Ross and I have a startup side project called inBloom.  It’s a location-based iPhone app that shows you the nearest sustainable and eco-friendly businesses– restaurants, farmers markets, eco hotels, etc.  There are a lot of people who would love to support businesses they believe in but it’s hard to know where they are, exactly what they do, or the products they carry. inBloom organizes that information and makes it accessible.  It’s a free app and right now covers NYC, Austin, and LA with San Francisco and Chicago coming soon.

Q:  Favorite lunch spot?

Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope.

Q:  Work attire?

I’m usually pretty dapper. I like suits from Suit Supply and Zara.

Q:  .com or .ly?


Q:  Sitting desk or standing?

I’ve always liked sitting but when it comes to creativity it helps to walk or pace.

Q:  If you could be doing something else… what would it be? 

Pitch for the Mets.

NOTE:  Eytan is also the lead singer of “Eytan and the Embassy” (check out their newest video here, recently featured on for most costume changes in a one-shot video).

 This post is published in association with iStrategy Labs.

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