This article was published on September 1, 2015

New canvas art on TNW, check it out!

New canvas art on TNW, check it out!
Jurian van der Meulen
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Jurian van der Meulen

Jurian van der Meulen works at The Next Web based in Amsterdam. He is interested in everything that's technology and design related. He's al Jurian van der Meulen works at The Next Web based in Amsterdam. He is interested in everything that's technology and design related. He's also constantly looking for talented artists and illustrators to feature in our Canvas Ads. Mail him or drop him a message @Jurian_vd_M

If you are a frequent visitor of our website you’ve probably noticed our Canvas Ads by now. It’s a new ad format we recently introduced on The Next Web. Behind this article you can see an image, and when you click it, this post partially slides out of view so you can see the full canvas.

Besides the normal ads we show there – like commercial and some promotion for our own events and services – we also select a few promising artists every few weeks. Each artist gets to showcase their work and if you like them, you can check out more via a link to their portfolios.

Recently we’ve launched three new artists, each showcasing two or three of their latest works. We’ll introduce them to you below.

Marco Stupić

Marco Stupić is an UI designer at from Zagreb, Croatia. In August last year he started a daily project called, with the goal to create an icon every day for a whole year.

“The project started as a personal mission to evolve as an artist, me using my skills in all design genres as a media for both inspiration and expression.” 

“Although the initial idea was to create an icon a day it has become so much more, small illustrations that show the gradual improvement in my illustration skills.” he says. “I can’t say I regret not sticking with my initial goal because I continue to grow as an artist.”

He also published a blogpost on The Next Web about the project, which you can read here. On his firm webpage, check it out here.

Marco Stupić’s portfolio
Marco Stupić’s Canvas Ads (reload to see all works)

Rafaella Wang

Rafaella Wang is an Amsterdam-based illustrator and designer.

“There are different kinds of illustrators and when I tell people I’m an illustrator I often get the question if I make illustrations for children’s books or if I’m a cartoonist, I don’t and I’m not.” she says.

“Mainly I design letters and work in an applied way where I combine illustration and graphic design; from brand identities to birth announcements, from logo’s to murals and everything in between.”

Rafaella Wang’s portfolio
Rafaella Wang’s Canvas Ads (reload to see all works)

Marcus Michaels

Marcus Michaels is still trying to figure out what to call himself. Before travelling around the world he has been in full time employment for various companies working as a creative, developer, designer, photographer and sometimes videographer.

Eventually he decided life’s too short to work for someone else, so he became his own boss. He still does all the things he loves, but now on his own terms helping people and companies with his broad creative skill set .

“I’m a curious guy which drives my thirst for knowledge. That knowledge only grows my passion to make things which is good because I don’t think I’d be where I am now if it wasn’t for that curiosity and willingness to try. My style is very minimal. I love simple. Simple works well.”

Marcus Michaels’ portfolio
Marcus Michaels’ Canvas Ads (reload to see all works)


If you want to apply to have your artworks shown on our Canvas ads, feel free to contact us.

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