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This article was published on August 28, 2019

    Need a new keyboard or mouse? We’ve got 6 killer deals right now.

    Need a new keyboard or mouse? We’ve got 6 killer deals right now.
    TNW Deals
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    TNW Deals

    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    TLDR: Two Azio keyboard deals, four Azio mouse deals, all primed to trick out your tech rig at up to 24% off.

    Admit it, you take your mouse and keyboard for granted. How often do you actually think about how much time your fingers spend sprinting over the keys or clicking your way across the web? Well, if you’re gonna type or surf (and you’re gonna), you might as well up your accessory game with the mouse and keyboard that best fit your needs and (just as importantly) your style.

    Check out this assortment of cool Azio keyboard and mouse options, all at up to 24 percent off right now with this TNW Deals sale.

    For your Mac

    The Azio MK MAC USB Keyboard is designed just for that particular Mac zealot. It’s built to quick launch popular Mac features like Launchpad, Dashboard and Expose with its own onboard volume wheel and mute button to regulate your sound. Not to mention, the bead-blasted aluminum finish makes it a perfect compliment to Apple’s iconic aesthetic.

    Buy Now: $79 (20% off)

    For the old soul

    Ever wish you were hunched over an old school typewriter instead of a boring old keyboard? Well, the Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard is anything but boring. Its retro leather or wood design gives off the feel of the 50s…except it’s packed with modern features like Bluetooth connectivity.

    Buy Now: $29 (14% off)

    For the oh so classy

    Who doesn’t need a mouse that looks like it spends its summers in the Hamptons? That’s the Azio Retro Classic Mouse, which looks as fabulous as it works (especially next to that Retro Keyboard). Each piece of the wireless unit’s top-grain, chrome-tanned leather is precision cut, draped over a sensor array that can track almost anywhere, including over glass and other high-gloss materials.

    Buy Now: $80 (19% off)

    For the speed freak

    If you’re all about top line performance in your gaming, take the Azio Aventa Mouse for a spin. It’s inspired by aeronautics and auto sports — and with an alloy exoskeletal frame, metallic anodized mesh, a PixArt optical sensor, Huano button switches and some serious stylistic flourishes, Azio sticks the landing. 

    Buy Now: $65 (18% off)

    For when performance matters

    For those who could use a little extra body to wrap their meaty hand around, the Azio Atom Mouse is extra wide, just for you. But with a Pixart 3360 sensor, 270-degree RBG lighting, precise control, ambidextrous grip and aggressive conformation, this mouse still scoots with the best.

    Buy Now: $45 (18% off)

    For the choosy gamer

    No drivers needed — just plug in the Azio GM2400 Gaming Mouse and go! The rubberized surface and ergonomic design allow gamers to increase grip consistency and accuracy — and the swoosh-shaped blue LED lighting module makes it look like it should be in the cockpit of a fighter jet already.

    Buy Now: $15 (24% off)

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