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This article was published on September 17, 2010

    Msrofi.com, Easier Arabic Financial Decisions

    Msrofi.com, Easier Arabic Financial Decisions
    Rahaf Makarati
    Story by

    Rahaf Makarati

    Rahaf Makarati, is the Founder and Ceo of Cashflowec.com. Rahaf Makarati, is the Founder and Ceo of Cashflowec.com.

    Arabs need more tools to make informed financial decisionsThere exist different tools on the net for saving, managing money and monitoring bank accounts, like Mint.com and Buxfer.com. But they are in English. Today we are bringing to you the first Arabic tool in the Middle East that offers the same service: Msrofi.

    Msrofi based in Syria was founded by Hala Deeb and Mohammed Zaher Ghaibeh, from Creative Web Group. It is only 7 months old but has reached 1000 members.

    I can say that 1000 members is a success, this considering the weak awareness of online financial management services in the Arab world and lack of consumer confidence in financial data sharing on the web (privacy issues).

    It is a very easy, and simple tool that keeps you informed on your spending. The service is out of beta now and has reached 1.1 version. Different new functions are added and different bugs are closed, features such as multiple currencies, UI multiple browser support.

    Msrofi interface screenshot

    And just like Mint you can create categories, and add your daily spending in these categories. Yes you have to add everything manually but according to it’s creators this is due to:

    1. The weak used software in the banks, in Syria at least.
    2. Lack of investment in websites in Syria and getting money to develop the service from outside.

    Last but not least, Hala Deeb has told us that they have provided the Arabic domain www.مصروفي.com to users to avoid typing mistakes when entering the website.

    Ofcourse it is just the beginning. So if you’re looking for something basic, Msrofi is a great place to start.

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