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This article was published on March 25, 2010

Movie search engine Nanocrowd on Jinni

Movie search engine Nanocrowd on Jinni
Charles Knight
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Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

Last week, I invited movie search engine Jinni to review another movie search engine, Nanocrowd, here. Today, it’s Nanocrowd’s turn to return the favor! All in good fun, here we go:

Nanocrowd on Jinni: by the Nanocrowd team

Thank you, Charles, for the opportunity to provide our perspective on Jinni and Nanocrowd. You always have good ideas that capture the interests of your readers!

As more movies become available online, this is a fun and exciting time to be a movie fan, but it is also getting harder to find the right movie to watch. Jinni and Nanocrowd are working to solve this problem, and we both take advantage of the wealth of Web 2.0 commentary in our analysis. These similarities between the two sites are certainly interesting, but it is the differences between the two sites that you are interested in.

When you want to find a movie to watch, Jinni offers a variety of tools, including its Movie Genome, where Jinni lets you select from a list of attributes to hone your choices. With mood choices like “exciting” and “stylized,” and plot choices like “couples” or “lifestyle,” you can change the list of suggested movies to focus on the things you like.

Jinni is also a media-rich social-networking movie site similar to Rotten Tomatoes or Flixster. Like those sites, Jinni offers lots of movie information and the opportunity to share your opinions and compare your movie likes and dislikes with others. Jinni also allows you to define your “Movie Personality” to help filter your movie choices by “comparing your taste to other users’ on Jinni.”

By contrast, Nanocrowd’s website is focused on only one thing (whether you are a first-time user or a frequent visitor): within two or three mouse clicks, we want you to find a great movie to watch. Our site is a complement and partner to movie sites like IMDb and movie-social networking sites like Rotten Tomatoes or Flixster. All these sites, like Jinni, are places where movie lovers can learn about movies and hang out and get to know each other. That is a wonderful thing, too!

Your readers will probably find lots of other similarities and differences between Jinni and Nanocrowd. We hope they enjoy both sites!