This article was published on December 8, 2019

Move over sliced bread, the CrunchCup™ is here

Move over sliced bread, the CrunchCup™ is here
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TLDR: You didn’t know you needed The CrunchCup Portable Cereal Cup. But you do. And so does everyone you know.

The universe is beautiful, cruel and utterly brilliant. Case in point — cereal.

There’s absolutely zero disagreement that cereal is the perfect food. Science has even proven it (kinda). If researchers confirm it’s “inexpensive, nutrient-dense, and convenient,” who are you to say otherwise? This is SCIENCE, dudes!

Yet for all its near otherworldly transcendence, cereal might be the most unportable food stuff created by man. If you’ve ever tried to eat cereal while driving…well, you’ve NEVER tried to eat cereal while driving. Because with the 100 percent certainty of sloshing, spillage and auto detailing bills for stain removal, it would be a god awful disaster, that’s why.

And this is where the brilliant part kicks in…because The CrunchCup Portable Cereal Cup ($19.95, now 33% off from TNW Deals) has solved this foundational human problem. Funders on Kickstarter plunked down double the cash needed to get this apex creation off the ground with good reason. It literally solves every problem encountered when cereal leaves your breakfast nook and tastes the mean, unforgiving world.

Just pour your cereal of choice into the BPA-free, BPS-free inner cup, pour milk into its equally dishwasher-safe, shatter resistant outer cup, screw the lid in place — and cereal can now hit the streets.

You don’t need a spoon. It won’t spill. In fact, if you can drink like a normal person without a straw, it’s practically idiot-proof. 

And consider for a moment — the cereal never actually meets the milk until it hits your mouth. Therefore, the CrunchCup solves the age-old issue of soggy cereal without even trying. They weren’t seeking to stamp out mushy Froot Loops forever. That’s just another amazing side-benefit from this wonder creation.

Statistics we just made up determine the average shopper buys gifts for about 20 different people each year. So drop $400 on 20 CrunchCups right now and you’re done shopping. It’s the least you can do to support the pinnacle of human achievement.  

Prices are subject to change.

The CrunchCup™ Portable Cereal Cup – $19.95

Crunch like a titan for $19.95

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