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This article was published on September 21, 2018

Microsoft Excel? Google Sheets? Why choose when you can learn both for under $20

Microsoft Excel? Google Sheets? Why choose when you can learn both for under $20
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Adjustments are never easy, especially when it comes to moving from one office productivity app to another. For example, Microsoft Excel has been the king of the spreadsheet mountain for 30 years. But what happens if you move to an office where they use the “new kid on the block,” the 12-year-old Google Sheets instead? Sheets, indeed…

Well, whether you’re transitioning from one spreadsheet titan to another or if you just want to learn both to be a cross-disciplinary threat, then jump in on the The Excel & Google Sheets Mastery Bundle. It’s on sale now for less than $10 per course, just $19.

With Microsoft Excel for Beginners, you can get your feet wet with the spreadsheet program against which all others are judged. In over 32 hours of training, this courses will take you through the components and basic operation of a Microsoft Excel doc, suitable for even the first-time user. Of course, the instruction doesn’t just cover introductions, expanding into cell formatting, PivotTables and all the most popular tools and formulas that make Excel a perennial favorite.

But hold on…because if you ask some spreadsheet pros, they’ll tell you Google Sheets actually has a step on the old standby Excel. You can find out for yourself with the companion course, Google Sheets for Beginners.

This seven-hour tutorial shows you how to work with the Google features it shares with Excel (charts, graphs, functions and more) as well as its own unique properties, like file sharing, revision history, and web-based scripts. Once you’re comfortable with Google’s advanced macros, you’ll truly be ready to crunch data, regardless of the chosen platform.

Each course even comes with its own certification of completion, which means you’ve got proof of your absolute mastery of the entire spreadsheet universe. Lifetime access to each course is a $345 value, but with this limited time offer from TNW Deals, you can get both for only $19.

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