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This article was published on March 13, 2020

Microsoft Azure is picking up steam. This is the time for you to get on board.

Microsoft Azure is picking up steam. This is the time for you to get on board.
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TLDR: This collection of Microsoft Azure prep courses and mock exams will get even beginners up to speed on all aspects of the cloud services platform.

Companies will often conceal key sales and usage figures on exactly how a product is doing. Yet after years of fits and starts in the shadow of competitor and industry powerhouse AWS, you don’t have to read too closely between the lines to know Microsoft has become increasingly intrigued by the success of their own cloud services platform Azure.

During their last quarterly earnings report, Microsoft told the world that Azure revenue was up 62 percent. Since Amazon reports different metrics, it’s tough to gauge the two companies head to head — except by cloud service market share, where Azure has got from 14 percent of the market in late 2018 to nearly 18 percent now. 

With Azure riding the wave, now’s the time for savvy IT pros to make sure they know all the ins and outs of the rising platform. Even for beginners, The Ultimate Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Prep Courses and Mock Exams Bundle offers up all the knowledge needed to become an Azure expert. It’s available right now at over 90 percent off, just $29, from TNW Deals.

Over 13 courses and prep exam collections, students get familiar with the platform and are exposed to loads of just-like-the-real-thing practice tests to make the final certification exam session feel like a piece of cake.

The training guides students through the fundamentals of Azure, explains how architects construct a networked system, security methods for shielding that system from incursions and processes for troubleshooting and implementing solutions whenever problems pop up.

Whether you want to build a career as an architect laying out system infrastructures, as a developer creating the actual systems, or an administrator making sure that network is running smoothly, this coursework is just the overview needed to make all that training feel like second nature.

Meanwhile, each module comes with a healthy collection of short tests and even full-length mock exams covering everything learned. Armed with all that practice, you’ll be well positioned to land certifications in a majority of the Azure based testing that Microsoft offers.

Right now, the package is available for just $29, a huge savings over the almost $700 original price.

Prices are subject to change.

The Ultimate Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Prep Courses & Mock Exams Bundle – $29.99

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