This article was published on September 11, 2018

Meet Aria, the (SFW) face of Pornhub

Meet Aria, the (SFW) face of Pornhub
Georgina Ustik
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Georgina Ustik

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Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech. Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech.

Branding and communications are tough, no matter what business you’re in. A wrong tweet can sink a ship, so the people running social media face an insane amount of pressure. They’re trusted to project and uphold a company’s values and communicate with the wider world – making them incredibly valuable.

This is true of any industry — even the adult film industry.

Meet Pornhub Aria, the social media manager, brand ambassador, and “princess of Pornhub.”

But no, she *does not do porn.*

We’ve had the Pornhub team host a TNW Answers Session before, but this Monday, September 27th, Pornhub Aria will be hosting one solo. You can ask her anything about her work, social media, and pop culture. Submit your questions here now!

One could imagine that a woman being the face of ANY company – much less an adult film brand – would receive a shedload of scrutiny, discrimination, or harassment, but Aria makes it look easy. She handles her job with humor, wit, and sharp tweets.

In fact, for an adult social media account, Aria runs Pornhub’s with a surprising lack of, well, porn. Most of it is funny memes and musings, mostly about snacks and naps:

Don’t forget — you can submit your questions here now!

Need inspiration? Check out her YouTube series, Pornhub’s Twitter, and a recent podcast interview she did with Hypebeast.

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