This article was published on September 25, 2017

Mac users can download macOS ‘High Sierra’ now at Apple’s App Store

Mac users can download macOS ‘High Sierra’ now at Apple’s App Store
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Apple’s newest update to macOS is now available. While it’s not chock-full of fancy new features, there are a few updates worth mentioning.

The first is to Photos, which looks stunning. The Apple-specific photo editor now pays more attention to, you know, editing, through a couple of key additions: the color dropper and a curves palette for pro-level fine adjustments. It also has smarter AI, a “Compare” feature to check edits side-by-side with the original, and more realistic filters.

It’s not an overhaul, but the added functionality should keep you from needing a better photo editor for most edits.

Safari is also much improved. On a Mac, according to Apple, Safari 11 is now the fastest browser on the market. It also added a feature that blocks ads from auto-playing, a move that really pissed off the ad industry.

Aside from that, you may notice a handful of smaller updates to Notes, Spotlight, and Mail’s built-in search feature, but none are worth writing home about.

We’ve covered some of High Sierra’s more exciting features here, although it’s worth remembering that most of the work went on behind the scenes. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave us much in the way of sexy new features to talk about, but the work under the hood should help to future-proof current Apple PCs.

You can upgrade now, for free, at The App Store.

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