This article was published on April 23, 2020

LogMeOnce is the password manager so feature-heavy that it doesn’t even need a password.

LogMeOnce is the password manager so feature-heavy that it doesn’t even need a password.
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TLDR: Packed with features like a password-less login, LogMeOnce Password Manager can immediately help lock down everything you do online securely.

Password managers have grown from being a useful, yet somewhat decadent extra 20 years ago to become a virtually essential feature now. With dozens, sometimes hundreds of potential passwords for all your various accounts, logins and accesses, there’s no way you could ever remember them all without a password app.

Most start with crafting one uber-important password, one master login that accesses your manager account and virtually unlocks everything else. With LogMeOnce Password Manager ($9.99 for one-year of Professional Plus Plan access from TNW Deals), you don’t even have to remember a master password…because there is no master password.

With LogMeOnce’s PhotoLogin feature, just let the app take your picture. It sends that pic to your trusted mobile device and if you click OK, you’re in. So if you’re worried about the possible security risks and definite operational problems around facial biometrics, this solves that problem elegantly.

In addition to its unique login system, LogMeOnce is packed with a boatload of unique and patented security and storage features, so many it may take you a while to even sort through them all. 

Some of the standouts of LogMeOnce’s extensive productivity suite include Account Freeze, which lets you temporarily freeze account access, or lock it to your home IP address; Scheduled Login, which lets you specify when you intend to log in again; a password inheritance system; even Password Shock, which can capture an attempted hacker’s photo, IP address, and other metadata, sound loud, honking alarms,  blast music or shake the screen to send bad actors running.

Your account even comes with 1GB of free encrypted cloud storage to keep anything you want securely protected and filed away safely. The customization options are extensive, allowing you to create a dashboard of features that are most important to you and how you navigate online. 

Right now, a one-year subscription to a LogMeOnce Password Manager Professional Plus Plan is on sale for only $9.99, a $20 savings off the regular price. You can also expand your protection and enjoy expanded savings with 3-year ($19.99; originally $90) or 5-year ($29.99; originally $150) coverage options.

Prices are subject to change.

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