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LifeKraze launches its high-fiving, accomplishment-sharing social network on Android

LifeKraze launches its high-fiving, accomplishment-sharing social network on Android
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We last caught up with good folks at LifeKraze way back in November 2011, noting that it was a little like Twitter with heart and high-fives. And today it finally launches on Android.

In real terms, LifeKraze was always about taking a different angle with information streams. While Twitter, Facebook and most other social services out there let you enter information into an empty box to share with the world, LifeKraze poses the question: “What have you done?”

What the question really strives to establish is what have you done to inspire or help someone else? “It sounds a little altruistic at first, but once you get into it, it’s a nice departure from rambling incessantly on Twitter,” we wrote at the time.

Back then, LifeKraze was a Web only app, and ambled on in beta through to its iOS launch last July, letting users share accomplishments on the move, as well as rewarding fellow members with points and encouraging them through comments and virtual high fives.

Members can also redeem the points they earn themselves for the company’s brand partners, which includes The North Face, Men’s Health and Prana. They can even convert said points to cash donations for the likes of

And now LifeKraze has landed on Android too, we thought we’d check it out.

LifeKraze hits Android

As with other versions of the app, LifeKraze on Android is built on the notion of ‘it’s what you do that counts’. It’s about finding encouragement, and earning rewards for your accomplishments.

When you first launch the app, you’ll need to create an account, which you can do so via Twitter, Facebook or email address.


Now, you can either post an accomplishment or a thought, and even add a photo or link to accompany the message. If you’ve linked up with Twitter and Facebook, you can also automatically share this across the social sphere too.

Each day, you’re given 300 points to distribute to the best accomplishments – 10 points=good job, 50 points=amazing. It’s also worth noting here that you can choose to filter the people by ‘Everyone’ (who’s using the app), or just those you choose to follow.


These points can be converted to real-life rewards, which equates to discounts and products from well-known brands.


“What LifeKraze does is make you think before you speak, and then lets the community reward you for it,” says Jonathan Yagel, who does business development for LifeKraze.

The company is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was launched by three college football (soccer) players who wanted to bring the competition and support of the team environment to everyday life. “LifeKraze has members in all fifty states, and all over the world,” says Yagel. “We’re excited to have some influential members on board, including Dolvett Quince from The Biggest Loser, who who will be providing weekly challenges specifically for the LifeKraze community throughout the rest of the season.”

Indeed, for the London Olympics last summer, LifeKraze worked with twelve US athletes who posted their day-to-day experiences throughout the event. The guys behind LifeKraze have really done their work in terms of maximizing the app’s exposure.

It’s certainly an interesting initiative for sure – a niche social network for things that are actually worthwhile. But as with any such service, it will all depend on the number of users on whether this really gains traction. And now that it’s on Android, it has just boosted its chances significantly.

LifeKraze – Android

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