This article was published on May 5, 2021

Learn to master Linux with this $20 training bundle

Learn to master Linux with this $20 training bundle
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TLDR: The Mastering Linux Development Bundle features 7 courses and over 30 hours of training in using and creating with the Linux operating system to run your own systems safely.

If you only looked at the current market share for computer operating systems, it would be easy to completely overlook Linux. Windows is at 75.55 percent, OS stands at 16.5 percent, all while Linux only holds a small 1.97 percent. So Linux really isn’t all that important, right?

Well, while its impact on operating systems has always been small, but influential, the true power of the open-sourced Linux is rooted in its versatility and ability to adapt without conforming to the guidelines of its proprietarily-owned competitors. And that’s why business still trusts heavily in Linux, which currently runs 90 percent of the public cloud workload; and 99 percent of all the world’s supercomputers. Everything someone uses Google, they’re touching the Linux kernel.

With that kind of reach, Linux remains a vital programming ability for any creator — and with The Mastering Linux Development Bundle ($19.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals), even first timers will learn to use Linux and all its abilities like a star.

Filled with 7 courses containing more than 34 hours of training, this coursework looks at Linux from every angle, with a sharp eye on explaining its wide-ranging role as a fully customizable system structure for companies regulating their business operations in the cloud.

Linux Basics for Beginners sets the stage, offering a complete look at the commands and tools any Linux user needs to know — even if they’ve never had any experience handling an operating system before. This course offers hands-on training in building a brand new Linux system as it embeds all that foundational information in Linux fundamentals.

The training continues to expand a student,s Linux learning from there, featuring courses covering the Linux command line, how it can be used to write script for automating tedious, repetitive functions, and even how to use VirtualBox to partition and build a completely functioning, testable Linux OS on a Windows machine.

Finally, there’s also a close look at Kali Linux, where penetration testers, security analysts, admins, ethical hackers and others improve their security skills while they recreate their own unique set of pentesting tools to make sure their systems are secure and fully protected.

With a formidable $1,400 worth of training, The Mastering Linux Development Bundle is now available for an astronomically low cost of only $19.99 with this deal.

Prices are subject to change.

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