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This article was published on September 18, 2020

Learn these 10 popular digital skills and take an extra 60% off during this limited time sale

Learn these 10 popular digital skills and take an extra 60% off during this limited time sale
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: As part of TNW’s Three-Day VIP Annual Sale, save on 10 different skills training courses and bundles that could change your future, all at the biggest savings of the year.

Usually when we bring you one of the products or education packages available through TNW Deals, we like to highlight the item or training itself, then let you know about the great savings. But right now, during TNW’s Three-Day VIP Annual Sale, we’re going to put the money-saving deal aspect front and center…because this is a whole heaping bunch of savings.

As part of TNW Deals’ biggest sale of the year, this is your opportunity to load up on some digital skills training that offers huge professional benefit for literally pennies on the dollar. Right now, when you enter the code VIPSALE60 during checkout, you’ll save an additional 60 percent off each of these course collections.

At these prices, you could literally get all 10 training bundles for learning Python, SQL, the Adobe Creative Cloud and a bunch more for less than the price of an average monthly summer energy bill. It’s crazy cheap. Don’t miss out.

1. The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle – $8.40 (Orig. $1,200) with code: VIPSALE60

SQL is the coding language that helps users manage data in a database — and this six-course collection breaks it all down. This package starts with explaining the basics for understanding SQL, and its wide-ranging role in SQL Lite, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest API, and Oracle SQL. Large data sets are the lifeblood of modern-day analytics…and at less than $1.50 per course, even a cursory overview of this critical skill set is worth the price.

2. The Complete 2020 Fulfillment By Amazon Mastery Bundle – $12.00 (Orig. $796) with code: VIPSALE60

This four-course, nearly 19-hour training session explains how to partner with Amazon to set up a profitable digital storefront. Even if you don’t know what to sell, this instruction can help you source products, launch your own private label items and ultimately, get paid. For less than the cost of a large pizza, you can set up a new revenue stream that could one day turn into your main gig.

3. The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle – $15.60 (Orig. $38.99) with code: VIPSALE60

Digital marketing is all about crafting the message that will reach your intended customers. With this 11-course mega-package, you’ll have the background to do it right. From knowing the words to use on web pages to the secrets for ad success to the 10 mistakes you never want to make, this is your road map to learning the language that persuades.

4. SEO Blueprint for Ranking on Google Bundle – $12.00 (Orig. $499) with code: VIPSALE60

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a language all its own — and this collection of eight courses will not only examine why certain words can drive your pages to the top of Google search results, but how to figure out which words will make the difference for you. This training offers tips for what to do on every page you build, how to drive free traffic to your site and even how to leverage sites like YouTube to add your efforts. It’s an SEO crash course for about the price of a movie ticket.

5. The Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video and Audio Production Course Bundle – $12.00 (Orig. $1,194) with code: VIPSALE60

There’s no more powerful video editing suite than Adobe Premiere Pro — and now, for the price of a cheap T-shirt, you can learn all the tips and tricks for navigating the production tools that Hollywood editors swear by. Over six courses and more than 30 hours of content, students learn about transitions, color correction, special effects, titles, audio mixing and more. Considering this training is almost half the price of just a month of Adobe Premiere access, it’s a no-brainer.

6. The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle – $16.00 (Orig. $1,794) with code: VIPSALE60

Python might be the most powerful coding language today — and over 12 courses, you’ll understand Python like the back of your hand. From basic commands and web development to Python’s advanced role as a cornerstone in modern-day data analysis and machine learning, this collection unpacks everything. You’ll code Python from scratch and even build your own networking apps on your way to Python perfection.

7. The 2020 Master Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle – $14.00 (Orig. $1,592) with code: VIPSALE60

There’s still no more foundational data management software in history than Microsoft Excel — so this collection of nine courses with nearly 30 hours of training gets inside this still vital app. Data plotting, auto calculation, macros, visualization and more lead first-timers through all the most impactful tools available in Excel as well as Power BI, Microsoft’s proprietary business analytics platform that helps users sift all that data.

8. The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle – $12.40 (Orig. $1,492) with code: VIPSALE60

JavaScript is the backbone of web development, so if you want to learn how to build apps, you need to know it. This eight course package explains JavaScript from the ground up, including how to create dynamic web pages, advanced interactive web apps and advanced JavaScript methods like Fetch, xHR, string methods, and more. It all comes with literally dozens of exercises and projects to advance your training, all for less than the price of an album download.

9. The Prestige Adobe Suite UI/UX Certification Bundle – $20 (Orig. $1,789) with code: VIPSALE60

With over 100 hours of training, this exhaustive package covers all the design capabilities of the Adobe Creative Cloud. From Photoshop to AfterEffects to Adobe XD, this 11-course package helps create high quality and functional mockups as well as stunning prototypes that adhere to all the top user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) standards. For under $20, this is like a semester at art school, all available for training at your own pace.

10. The Complete MySQL Bootcamp – $8.99 (Orig. $199)

While SQL designs and manages databases, MySQL is the open-source database management system for accessing and using the data in those databases. Students here learn about both SQL and MySQL, how to design and develop schemes, how to build web apps with PHP, and the steps for solving all the most impactful data problems. It’s also $200 worth of knowledge for less than the price of a box of Fruit Loops.

Prices subject to change.

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