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This article was published on October 31, 2017

Learn how Agile fuels tech’s top project management tasks…and do it yourself for under $40

Learn how Agile fuels tech’s top project management tasks…and do it yourself for under $40
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Becoming a strong project manager requires a special set of talents. Those skills become even more specialized when handling the highly complex, heavily detail-based tasks you’ll find when creating IT or engineering products.

Those are the arenas where the method known as Agile project management excel. You can find out why, as well as set yourself up to begin a high-paying new career with the Agile Project Management training on sale now for just $39 from TNW Deals.

The Agile approach focuses on establishing a set of short-term, easily trackable goals all aimed at your project’s eventual success. Over these 10 modules, you’ll learn the basic structure and terminology of Agile before moving on to more advanced techniques for implementing Agile on your projects.

You’ll apply Agile (and its most popular application Scrum) to a host of processes, including setting up realistic timelines, assembling and overseeing the correct team, and managing for the flexibility and unforeseen bumps in the road that can force a project to adjust or sometimes radically shift gears.

Meanwhile, this Agile training isn’t just a set of reading assignments. Your instruction is a multimedia affair, using visual demonstrations, quizzes, exam simulators and in-depth case studies to help you understand how Agile works in the real world.

Agile-trained project managers now command average salaries in the $85,000 range, so don’t miss out on knowledge to better coordinate your projects while elevating your tax bracket at the same time. You can pick up this training now at over 90 percent off while this offer lasts.