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This article was published on July 19, 2011

    Kraft’s new social media campaign will make you smile

    Kraft’s new social media campaign will make you smile

    Brands seem to be obsessed with getting you to smile while thinking about their product and a new campaign from Kraft Foods has come up with a great technical way of making you do that. The idea comes from the thousands of times you are walking around the office or at home and see somebody else smiling at something online but always wonder what it is. It could be a video, a funny joke or simply a photo of a friend and Kraft wants to tap into the millions of us smiling at stuff online and tag our smiles.

    To be more exact Kraft is using a browser plugin to bookmark content that you are smiling at with the idea being that people can then come along and browse all the content that people are smiling at put a smile on their own face. There are already lots of bookmarking tools that are useful but it’s interesting to see a brand using this as a marketing strategy and the one big worry I would have is if users are actually going to use this as a real practical application and not just a marketing gimmick. The campaign is driven through Facebook but is mostly focused on a website called Smiletagging and you have to take your hat off to Kraft for trying something different.