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This article was published on June 30, 2011

40,000 oranges squeezed: A Facebook campaign to smile about

40,000 oranges squeezed: A Facebook campaign to smile about

Prigat, a leading company in the Israeli fruit juice market, has come up with one of the most innovative Facebook campaigns you are ever likely to see. The application works by encouraging users to smile more and share it with their friends and the more users smile the more juice gets squeezed in a real life juicer. The best part is all the bottles of squeezed juice are sent to a charity of your choice.

The numbers behind the campaign were just as impressive with the page getting 30,000 new likes, over 20,000 photos uploaded and a whopping 40,000 fresh oranges being squeezed. It’s a great way of engaging users and with people sharing 20,000 photos of huge smiles with their friends it couldn’t be a better representation of the brand on Facebook. There was also a level of personalization included as the users’ names were printed onto the machine digitally as they used the app and watched the video of the juice machine.

Breaking it down to its core, this campaign made users smile and delivered fresh juice to those in need. Watch the User Generated Orange Juice (UGOJ) being freshly squeezed here: