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This article was published on June 22, 2009

For developers only

For developers only
Patrick de Laive
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Patrick de Laive

CPO and co-founder, TNW

Patrick de Laive is an experienced entrepreneur and daddy of Bo and Denne. He is co-founder of TNW and sporadicly invests in startups. He is Patrick de Laive is an experienced entrepreneur and daddy of Bo and Denne. He is co-founder of TNW and sporadicly invests in startups. He is a frequently asked speaker at (tech) events across the globe. Check his LinkedIn profile and @Patrick on Twitter for more information.

kingsofcodeBesides blogging at The Next Web we also enjoy organizing conferences. This year is the 2nd time we organize Kings of Code, a conference for web developers. Last years conference was super! With 320 developers it was sold out, people learned a lot and were enthusiastic about this geek gathering.
Kings of Code will take place next week (June 29-30) at the extraordinary Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam.

Here are 5 reasons why you should send your developers, or yourself for that matter, to Kings of Code:

1. Be inspired by the best speakers available

We invited leading international developers from companies like Google, Digg, W3C, Opera and Six Apart to talk about the latest web development trends and best practices. They will share their experience and vision on emerging technologies like Ruby on Rails, Git, OpenSocial, Google App Engine, HTML5, iPhone Apps, CouchDB, and Cappuccino among others.

2. You’ll learn how do develop faster apps

Two important topics at tech conferences are scalability and performance. Digg’s lead architect Joe Stump will share his experience on scaling your website to handle massive loads of traffic. Thomas Fuchs & Amy Hoy will both show you how to get the best performance from your website.

3. Write better code in less time

Technology is getting smarter every day. Web development frameworks will help you to focus on the stuff that matters. Learn about code organization, test-driven development, deployment strategies and powerful tools that help you code faster and happier. Ruby on Rails core contributor Geoffrey Grosenbach will show you how to do it, also within your own framework and language of choice.

4. Get an audience for your website

So you’ve build a website and you want everyone to see it, right? Joost de Valk, WordPress Guru & Search Engine Optimization expert, will share his knowledge on how to get Google adore your site. Google can deliver massive loads of traffic so Search Engine Optimization is a technique no one can ignore.

5. Prepare for the future of the web

HTML5 is the next version of HTML and brings impressive new features like native video support, new network APIs and offline storage to enable offline web apps. It will make the web the next computing platform and Anne van Kesteren from Opera will show you how to use it.

Apart from all these interesting talks there is room for talking with your peers, networking and drinking beers.

For € 195,- you’ll experience two days packed with interesting speakers and sessions. Bring your friends and colleagues along, when you buy 3 tickets you’ll get a 4th ticket for free!

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