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This article was published on January 31, 2020

Joan 6 elegantly eliminates conference room confusion. Right now, save $50 too.

Joan 6 elegantly eliminates conference room confusion. Right now, save $50 too.
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Joan 6 Meeting Room Display lets you book a conference room and organize meetings with ease, now at $50 off the regular price.

In our technologically advanced business world, is there anything more disorganized and downright hilarious than the impromptu scramble for an available conference room? Someone sets up a meeting, only to discover someone else has commandeered their chosen space, prompting a last-second Python-esque scurry across the building to find a new spot. 

Since signup sheets, office managers and simple foot of mouth can’t seem to untangle this divine corporate comedy, the folks behind the Joan 6 Meeting Room Display ($499, $50 off the regular price from TNW Deals) have come up a logical, efficient, cost-effective solution.

Joan 6 is a 6-inch digital display booking system that can be easily mounted with no wires or construction right outside any conference room, lobby, meeting area or other critical space. With Joan, you can check if the room is free at a certain time, then book it through the Joan unit itself, the separate Joan app or even via your company’s online calendar system.

Joan lets you follow each meeting’s name, time and organizer; check your co-workers’ availability for a meeting; and keep track of your scheduled meetings across all devices.

It even allows you to track your conference room usage statistics, so you’ll always know how much use a room is getting and when to schedule to avoid a rush.

Regularly $549, you can help clean up your office dysfunction with a Joan 6 Meeting Room Display right now for $50 off, just $499 while this deal lasts. And if you’re partial to a larger interface, you can also step up to the 13-inch display of the Joan 13, also on sale for $829 now.

Prices are subject to change.

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Joan 6: Meeting Room Display – $499.99

Get organized for $499

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