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This article was published on April 21, 2018

    JavaScript is the code that runs the web — and you can learn it for under $30

    JavaScript is the code that runs the web — and you can learn it for under $30
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    TNW Deals

    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    There are dozens of ways to go about building a website or app, but you’ll always find a few building blocks at the heart of any development. HTML and CSS fall into that category, as does JavaScript. It’s the key programming piece in modern web browsers and it’s no exaggeration to say you can’t learn to code without learning JavaScript.

    For those looking to get proficient or maybe even beyond proficient with this core programming skill, this Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle ($29, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) is a perfect place to get your feet wet.

    This 15-course package begins by taking a coder at any skill level and building up their JavaScript knowledge piece by piece. After getting a handle on the JS basics, you’ll learn how the right tools can help you apply those lessons to creating dynamic web pages and apps.

    These courses cover how to use Angular and its libraries to simplify and expand your builds, how to incorporate D3.js libraries to create standout visualizations, and how to streamline your work with tools like Ionic, Bootstrap, and Grunt.

    All together, this complete JavaScript tutorial would normally run over $1,000, but with this current limited time deal, the entire package is on sale right now for just $29.