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This article was published on July 19, 2013

Issue v1.7 – WANT: Movies

Issue v1.7 – WANT: Movies
Martha Pierce

Eat, Pray, Love

Julia Roberts acting chops showcase the actress in fine form with Eat, Pray, Love. A broken relationship (with James Franco’s character) leaves her character, Liz Gilbert, equally (heart)broken, dissatisfied and at a loss for any semblance of a plan, either in her full-time desk job or in her decidedly New York lifestyle, shoddy apartment and all. Gilbert makes a gut decision, taking a year break from her job and moving away – first to eat her way through Italy, meditate in India, and finally to a resting place in Bali. This stunning remake of the novel it’s based on proves that taking a risk and opening your mind up to yourself could be the most beautiful thing in the world.

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Pixar did it again with a sweet story that both delights and surprises its audience. Old man Carl is a retired balloon salesman (and recent widower) who comes up with an incredible scheme – tying thousands of balloons to his house to create a giant hot-air balloon. Russell, a Wilderness Explorer, gets swept up – literally – into the contraption, and the two embark on a journey ridden with birds, rabid dogs and other unsightly horrors. Up is a flick for the nights you need to kick back, relax, and maybe even get a good cry out.

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Under The Tuscan Sun

It’s a best-seller and it’ll make you want to pack it all up in search of inner peace, too. Under The Tuscan Sun details Diane Lane’s journey through – where else? – Tuscany. A gifted ten days turns into an unexpected experience that’s a lot more than Frances Mayes bargained for after she makes a large investment that may change the course of her life forever. The villa Frances purchases needs some TLC, but she finds the restoration process brings back more than just the charm of a home.

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Enlighten Up!

Say it with us: OM. At least, that’s what Nick Rosen decides to do when he agrees to a 6-month long yoga practice by way of supremely dedicated yogi Kate Churchill. Contrary to Kate’s beliefs about the power of yoga to change anyone, Nick’s skepticism remains and the pair wind up, literally and figuratively, at a twisted (ha) stand-off in Northern India that proves much more than either of their minds or any mystics could have imagined.

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Office Space

Do you hate your job or fantasize about quitting and doing something utterly different, more meaningful, less soul-sucking? If so, Office Space might be the movie for you. Peter Gibbons has the boss (Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh) to counter all “my boss sucks” stories. After a bout of eye-opening hypnosis, though, Peter realizes he no longer has to put up with Initech or Bill’s ishh. He asks the hot waitress out, charms efficiency expert’s into a non-deserved promotion, and comes up with an executable plan to get revenge on Initech. The after-effects are as hilarious as the first 5 minutes – be prepared to laugh until you cry, maybe.

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