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This article was published on June 21, 2013

    Issue v1.6 – Want: Gadgets

    Issue v1.6 – Want: Gadgets
    Martha Pierce

    Radio Flow
    A radio with minimalist design
    Hey there, Spotify user. A new semi-portable device should be on your radar, and we’ve got your hipster answer: RadioFlow. Lexon design’s newest venture gives homage to your 1990s version. Well, almost: streamlined design, an FM Radio, MP3 Amplifier and speakers and plugs you’ll barely see, this is one gadget worth the (minor) splurge. Pick it up in one of three colors: cobalt, grey and fire-engine red. Pro tip: get the red.


    SETA Smartphone Stand
    Are you impressed when you hear “$72,000 out of $20,000 raised?” Yeah, that makes all of us. With SETA’s streamlined design, plugging your smartphone in is as easy as setting it on the shelf-like contraption that makes up the device. Plug your charger into your phone, then dock it on the flexible, aircraft-grade aluminum stand. We can’t think of a better use for $35, which is around the price this device will retail for once produced.


    Lazerwood Keys for MBP
    We’ve got a few words for this well-designed piece: cherry wood on top of an Apple computer. And man, does it rock. Adhesive backs stick to your Mac’s (not a MacBook Air, sorry!) keys with ease, while Apple’s sleek design stays intact. Perfect for the Apple addict craving a more rustic look and feel.


    A place for your phone and keys
    PLANK is no longer that phenomena that everyone under the sun was doing. Now, PLANK the product is redefining how we think about organization and design’s practical uses. A magnetic layer underneath a teeny shelf acts as your self-made organizer for those pesky keychains and anything else with a magnetized surface that you may be forgetting. Just screw PLANK into the wall with the included hardware, rest your iPhone on top and start PLANKing – meaning, you’ll likely never lose your keys again.