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This article was published on May 30, 2013

Issue v1.5 – Want: Gadgets

Issue v1.5 – Want: Gadgets
Martha Pierce

Nike Fuelband


The Nike Fuelband is one of the best inventions since, like, Nike’s running shoe. But really, this user-friendly wristband boasts a lot more than even your IronMan wristwatch: track calories burned, distance logged, and rack up Fuel points to help you achieve self-appointed daily fitness goals, based on your height, weight and a litany of other factors. Sync the band with your iPhone or Android for added accountability.

Body Media


Body Media’s key motivator: knowledge. Yours to buy it? The fact that it truly works. Not a fitness tracker, not yet a full-body health and wellness scanner, Body Media’s partnered with heavy hitters (no pun intended) like The Biggest Loser, Spark People and Jillian Michaels, Inc. to monitor, record and highlight your every action when it comes to exercise, caloric intake and the one component you just keep forgetting to get enough of: sleep. Wear the Body Media band on your upper bicep for a most effective reading, and use it consistently to see what its site promises are three times the results of any other related product.

Withings Scale

Withings scale

Stop going to your doc and cringing when you get your annual measurements – just use the Withings scale to do your dirty work and keep you on track. Simply step onto this wireless scale to learn your body’s weight, heart rate and get what the site calls, and we have to agree, “pocket-sized coaching” that links with your iOS or Android device so you can track your own personal trends over days, weeks, even months at a time. At $149.95, this is one purchase you can definitely justify.

Can a doc do that in just minutes?

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor


…You know a company’s doing good things when we’re recommending not one, but two of their products. The Withings scale is good, but a blood pressure monitor that doesn’t look or even feel medical, and is under $150? Shut the front door. The Kelly-green and stark white wraparound plugs seamlessly into your iPhone, displaying your reading as clearly as a text from your best friend.

So really, if high blood-pressure runs in your family or if your curiosity is at least somewhat peaked…why

have you not clicked through yet? Go now.