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This article was published on March 22, 2013

Issue v1.3 – Want: Gadgets

Issue v1.3 – Want: Gadgets
Martha Pierce

Luxi (a light meter for your iPhone)

Everyone’s got that friend who drops their credit card in a loud, noisy and dark bar. Now you’ve got a solution that’s one step better than everyone else’s freebie Flashlight app. Meet Luxi, a miniature dome-like object that fits easily over your iPhone’s front-facing camera. Although your phone’s natural light feature is good, this just takes it up a notch. Even better? It’s camera compatible, meaning that your readings can be entered directly into your DSLR (or any cam with overriding capabilities).

So, the only thing stopping you from you and this beaming light source isn’t that credit card your friend dropped – it’s a measly $2K. Head on over to Kickstarter to throw a few bucks at Luxi and help it reach its goal.

Leica M Monochrome (a pricey black & white-only digital camera)

Hipsters and fashion photogs (yes, we abbreviated) alike will fawn over Leica, a black and white camera nearly-proven to make even the most vintage sweater-wearing hipster shell out. Packing 18 megapixels and 100% sharper images than your average color camera (cue scoff here) you’ll tote it around and be able to snap everything from last night’s Thai takeout to gorgeous Thailand.
Ready, set, click.

iPhone SLR Mount

The SLR mount is like buying a high-end deluxe camera, but without the commitment. The case-adapter combo can be easily attached to your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lense (presuming you still have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S). Then, just point and shoot from a variety of lenses: telephoto, wide angle or macro for a full-on photographic experience. (Only thing: you’ll lose about 1-2 f-stops with this adapter. Just carry on!)


Myo’s site encourages you to ‘unleash your inner Jedi’, but we much prefer to call it a stroke of genius that got loose. The concept is pretty simple: slide the arm band on to either arm, then use your own body’s electrical activity to control actions on your computer (your Mac or Windows PC), your iPhone or any other technology-based device (within reason). According to Myo’s site, the device can track movements down to your fingertips – and sometimes even before your hand begins moving.

…We gotta say, that’s a little creepy. But still so cool. Snag a Myo on presale for $149; products expected to release in late 2013. Till then, we’ll just be using remotes.


Another almost-unimaginably chic device, but this time it’s an iPhone accessory. The Glif allows you to mount your phone or prop it up, so Google chatting or scrolling through BuzzFeed articles just got easier. The Wii-shaped device is made of rubbery plastic, but don’t let its design fool you: this thing is handy and can adapt to any tripod or camera mount. Glif works better when your iPhone is naked, and is available in iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.


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