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This article was published on March 14, 2013

Issue v1.3 – WANT: Apps

Issue v1.3 – WANT: Apps
Martha Pierce

The cool thing about an iPad magazine is that you can download all of the apps that we review here with a single click.

Voted the Best Mobile Photo App of 2012 and the top iPad app of the year by TIPA, Snapseed makes Instagram look like you used your kids’ Fisher Price camera. Adjust, tweak, center and crop your photos with your fingertips, and share what you’ve done via email and other social networks. Basically it’s awesome. Download for free and become your own photo editor.

Download on iTunes

Vine calls itself ‘the best way to see and share life in motion’ and we kind of have to agree. Not quite a video, not quite a YouTube clip either, the app lets you upload unlimited amounts of video clips to a scrolling newsfeed that loops around again and again. Literally, your videos run on continuous loop until a user scrolls to the next one. 
What we’d recommend? Taking Vine one step further and finding your favorite authors, bloggers and tech geeks out there to follow on the app. You’ll probably find a goldmine of good clips. Happy vlogging!
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Not gonna lie: we’re a little (okay, a lot) over the iPhone 5’s camera. Sure, the megapixels are practically infinite and it’s right there on your home screen, but why not explore something new? VSCO CAM just might be your answer. It’s “beautifully simple” design lets you create imagery, upload it, then send it to others and share on social networks. Its sleek design and minimal processors allow you to work quickly and efficiently, whether you’re shooting a series of photos or just snapping one of the skyline. Buy it for a mere $0.99 on iTunes. 
Download on iTunes

Action Movie FX
Adrenaline junkies can kick it into high gear with Action Movie FX, a free app that lets you add Hollywood-esque effects to movies you shoot. How it works: shoot a scene through the app, then select whichever one you want to amplify big-time. Add bombs, explosions, grand theft auto (okay, maybe not quite that) directly into the movie. FX features free Call of Duty effects and missile attacks, directed at whatever film click you please. 

So now that office gossip has virtually no chance in hell. 
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National Parks by National Geographic

The App Store’s editorial team selected the National Parks app as one of 2012’s best, and it’s not hard to see why. Explore US national parks on your iPhone or iPad from anywhere, plus, track your favorites, see global and interactive map views with filtering by activity and season. As if that weren’t enough for one app, you’ll also get a personalized user space to log your favorite parks, activities, sample itineraries and photos from the gorgeous galleries (chock full of vintage shots from the National Geographic archive). A clean design perfects the app, making it one for your home screen. 

We bet anything the next app you’ll download after this one is Expedia’s, to start looking up flights. 
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Stilla is one of those apps where us describing it doesn’t really do it justice. Take two, three or even more shots, and the app layers them over one another, creating a gorgeous 3-D image. Created by app designer Maybe It’s The Lighting, you can share Stilla images on any social network. The only downside is, Stilla’s only compatible for iPhone 4, 4S and iPad 2 or later – for now. 

Go ahead, download it. But prepare to have your mind blown. 
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Join the fiesta in València!

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