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This article was published on July 17, 2012

Issue v0.7: Apps

Issue v0.7: Apps
Martha Pierce

The cool thing about an iPad magazine is that you can download the apps we review here, with a single click.

CultureGPS Professional
Here’s an app that tests your knowledge of various major countries. Enter the 5D model, which rates countries based on characteristics like convenience and change by revolution. You can also compare your profile with another country’s, or compare two at a glance. Plus, get recommendations from people in other countries that you’re traveling to. Um, Argentine food recs from a local? Sign us up. At $25, you’re slashing the price of a tour guide — who’s probably boring anyway.

Emerging Market Expert
Asset managers and financial planners, rejoice. Or if you own stock in anything global, listen up. The Emerging Markets app was curated specifically for you guys. The app syncs using a WiFi connection, or your cell network and promptly downloads the newest, most up-to-date content across all markets. Did we mention this is the perfect app for an entrepreneur on the go?

What you’ll get (for free!): interviews and lectures by people who know what they’re talking about, weekly commentary and daily infographics. Never be uninformed again.

Dos and Don’ts
This isn’t your everyday travel app. It’ll probably save you from royally offending a host family, asking to go to the bathroom when you haven’t paid for something in a restaurant (ahem), and a host of other blunders you’re bound to make while on holiday. Download. Break down communication barriers. It’s really that simple — and free.

English <-> Russian Slovoed Deluxe talking dictionary
Russian is no easy language to learn. (Don’t ask us, we’ve actually never tried.) Welcome to a dictionary database with more entries than you can natively speak, or ever speak. At $25, it’s a hefty price if you’re just browsing. But hey, cheaper than Rosetta Stone.

World Nomads Turkish Language Guide
Ever wanted to have a conversation with an actual local that doesn’t start with the words “where is the bathroom?” or, “direct me to a bar”? Now you can. With the Turkish language guide app, built by WorldNomads.com, there’s a series of free language guides built so that you can not only learn a language (preferably Turkish), but understand conversations.

Now we’re talking.

Brazil Slang and Travel Reference
Heading to Brazil or anywhere in South America? Built by the techies at Unknown.com, Inc., this app gives you definitions of terms you’d never see in a dictionary (or so it says), and at the touch of an icon. Experience your travels more fully with this portable dictionary, and save space in your suitcase to boot. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also free.

Pleco Chinese Dictionary
The Chinese language is about as easy to learn as astrophysics. Now you don’t need to shell out big bucks for a Mandarin tutor. Better yet, camera software recognizes Chinese characters in real life and translates them for you. The app, powered by Pleco Software’s team, also recognizing Taiwanese and Mainland, has search capabilities, audio pronunciation (for those impossible phrases), and cross-referencing.

Who says you can’t teach an American Chinese words? Get started now for free.

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