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Issue v0.12 – WANT: Books

Issue v0.12 – WANT: Books
Thomas Offinga
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Thomas Offinga

Thomas is the lead designer and producer of TNW Magazine, The Next Web's own digital magazine. When he isn't designing the magazine, he's pr Thomas is the lead designer and producer of TNW Magazine, The Next Web's own digital magazine. When he isn't designing the magazine, he's probably creating something else in his spare time. You can follow him at @thomasoffinga

The Four Hour Chef

If the streamlined typography on the front of the book didn’t sell you already, the fact that this book is $9.99 on Amazon and available on your Kindle definitely will. Calling this a ‘cookbook’ is mildly offensive; Tim Ferris shows you so much more than how to slice, dice, sauté and cook vegetables. Through watching, you’ll learn how to fire-roast them, identify the good stuff, become a hunter for said ingredients, and rediscover cooking as you know it. We’re not even really sure why this book is named this lamely; it probably should be renamed as ‘How to Live Life Awesomely And Become an All-Star Cook.’

Also, probably don’t call Ferris a chef, either. He’s just one cool dude.

Snow Crash
They say one person can change your life, but can a novel, albeit one set in an unreal world? Neil

Stephenson aims to try, but not necessarily to please. Plunge into a world tied to Sumerian myths,

one where virtual
reality and cyber space is completely normal. At its core, Snow Crash is an enigma within an enigma. A computer virus storms hackers’ home bases, an information crash is inevitable and mind over matter is the most important thing in this bizarre, almost untold universe.

Hold onto your brains. And maybe your Internet password(s), too.

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Deception Point – Dan Brown
Ever since he penned the DaVinci code, Dan Brown’s hefty novels have been a huge point of controversy in both the fantasy and non-fiction realms. Deception Point is a whole different thing entirely. When a NASA satellite uncovers a rare and unknown object, the White House sends powerful analyst Rachel Sexton and a team of experts to Arctic territory where they discover that science has pulled a fast one. Too late though, because a deadly team of assassins is already “hot” on their trail. In true cat-and-mouse fashion, they must figure out the motives of who is behind the sick game in order to save their lives and the nation. A must-read, even if it takes you a solid week to get through.

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White Planet
Doesn’t matter if you’re a skier or if looking at snow gives you a sunburn, White Planet is funny, witty and all about living life to the fullest. Leslie Anthony details his career as a skier; coincidentally, the same time he exited successful from the slopes is also when Alaska’s snow-saturated terrain blew up in the early 90s. Embrace the so-called revolution and start reading. Warning: you may or may not be inspired to pick up a pair of skiis. I did.

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In Search of Powder

What do you do when what you love becomes what you used to be able to do without a backward glance? Still just a 20-something, Jeremy Evans is on the snow-strewn path to discovery and back in search of his old life. After growing up in Lake Tahoe, he moves to Portland at 26 for a real job but suffers a stroke, reevaluates his goals, and somewhat unsurprisingly, leaves for Tahoe yet again. In Search of Powder is a book that carefully illustrates everything skiing means to one growing man and so many other self-labeled ‘ski bums’ like him. In a world where this sport identifies the culture, culture is everything.

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